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The ever-increasing demand for bandwidth and faster speeds necessitates more sophisticated networks. TRM is meeting these challenges with leading-edge methods and technologies.


Professional Services

TRM Professional ServicesIn order for network nodes to be installed and their benefits realized, all rights and regulatory requirements must be met in an expedited timeframe. TRM has proven to be experts at securing preferential terms and expedited schedules.

  • Site Selection
  • Acquisition
  • Zoning
  • Permitting
  • Auditing
  • Lease Amendment
  • A&E
  • Regulatory/Due Diligence

Construction Services

TRM Construction ServicesSafety, Quality and Communication are the key cornerstones to successful construction projects. TRM embodies these principles by employing properly trained and uniquely qualified professionals.

  • Civil Construction
  • Tower Construction
  • Trenching
  • Antenna and Line installation and modification
  • Sweep Testing
  • PIM testing
  • Microwave installation and path alignment

Electrical Services

TRM Electrical ServicesAll installed components require properly grounded power sources to realize their benefits. TRM delivers these sources with licensed, trained personnel via all manner of mediums — AC/DC, Battery, Solar.

  • Generators
  • Charging Stations
  • Transformers
  • BTS power cabinet installations
  • Utility Coordination and new service installation
  • Grounding

Program Management

TRM Program Management

All successful deployments require proper planning. TRM utilizes PMBOK based principles with detailed work breakdown structures to capture all key decision points, action required, processes to streamline all functions to bring sites from inception to integration into the network.

Ethernet Edge Solutions

TRM Ethernet Edge SolutionsIn today’s world, individuals, businesses, organizations…all of us, demand broadband connectivity…from anywhere… at any time. To meet these demands, communications networks must be flexible and robust from the cell site to the data center and all points in between. TRM has excelled at delivering edge solutions to enable technology and capacity to be as close to the edge of the network as possible.

  • OSP/ISP construction
  • Fiber installation
  • CPE install, test & turn-up
  • Microwave install, test & turn-up

Maintenance Services

TRM maintenance servicesCritical network components require regular maintenance to maintain ideal operating parameters. TRM can work with you to develop customized schedules, checklists and methods of procedure to ensure your network remains robust and operating at peak performance.

  • Compound Maintenance
  • On-call trouble-ticket support for base station and tower-top
  • Snow plowing
  • Mobile generator towing and hook-ups


DAS - Wi-Fi TRMAs in-building systems mature and develop, TRM stays current with the latest technologies, methods and design to ensure we can add value to technology deployment. Many times a well-engineered plan requires a strong integration partner with proven technique to deliver expected results – TRM strives for this on every job.

  • Design and installation
  • MDF and IDF closet build out
  • Rack and stack equipment
  • Test & Turn-up
  • Fiber Backbone
  • Cable Management
  • Multiple OEM Certifications

C-RAN/Small Cell

TRM C-RAN small cellC-RAN topology provides advantages to delivering and scaling bandwidth and services utilizing the latest developments in mobile technology. TRM is your partner in planning and installing these solutions with a focus on your timeframes.

  • Real estate/entitlement
  • Design/A&E
  • Hub construction
  • Node installation
  • Electrical
  • Fronthaul/Backhaul
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

Fiber Networking

TRM fiber networkingFiber has proven to be the transmission media of choice due to higher bandwidth, longer distances, resistance to secure connectivity and lack of electromagnetic interference. Let the experts at TRM deliver your fiber plant and associated electronics with the care, attention to detail and specifications required.

  • Inside plant fiber design
  • Installation, splice, test and fiber maintenance
  • Installation and testing of customer switch and networking equipment
  • MDF build-outs
  • Head-end/hub site builds
  • Rack & Stack
  • Metro Ethernet extensions


Cellular network backhaul (CBH) for fiber provider

TRM has been recognized as a leading turnkey vendor on many programs similar to the below example. Project Overview TRM delivered high-capacity circuits to more than 100 cellular sites via fiber optic cable.  The performance period was aggressive with a 1-year...

How TRM trades bigger than it is

Even though TRM is considered a small business, we are known to companies like Alcatel Lucent, Bechtel, Comcast, Ericsson, General Dynamics, MetroPCS, Sprint, T-Mobile and others as a top-tier performer. Our processes, reporting tools and delivery of results all...

Vendor objectivity is one of our key competitive advantages

In most cases, TRM has a vendor-neutral approach to infrastructure. Even if a client expresses a preference for an equipment vendor, TRM works to create and install infrastructure that could adapt to network modifications stemming from new technology, a switch in...

About Us

TRM is a leading comprehensive convergent network infrastructure company serving the commercial and public sectors since 1994.

The foundation of our success is our ability to deliver network-critical deployment solutions and implementation services while assuring quality, meeting deadlines and maintaining customer satisfaction.

TRM is a nimble, progressive company that strives to bring value to every relationship.  This sets us apart from our competition and allows us to provide solutions where others provide only services.

From the beginning, our approach has been to build a strong team by hiring the right people, providing a stimulating environment, and compensating employees based on merit.

TRM has worked with a wide variety of clients and implemented a multitude of technologies. Our experiences enable us to provide infrastructure services and solutions with vendor objectivity. TRM adapts quickly to changes in technology, client task modifications, and network infrastructure.

Because TRM is vendor-neutral and works with multiple clients and technologies, we are frequently a source of ideas on projects. Not all of our ideas are game-changers, but many stimulate discussions that lead to methodology modifications or total shifts in approaches.

Justin Leland

As TRM’s President, Justin Leland specializes in directing all facets of telecommunications infrastructure services in both the commercial and government marketplaces. He has experience providing customized solutions for wireless and wireline network providers, telecom infrastructure companies, end-user applications and turn-key solutions companies.
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Bill Crowley

As TRM’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Bill Crowley helps TRM provide convergent telecom infrastructure services for both commercial and government clients.
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Sean Carr

Sean Carr, TRM’s Vice President, demonstrates a broad range of skills that have a proven record of success in all aspects of telecommunications network deployments. He is a motivated, strategic thinker with robust experience in developing, planning, and successfully operating large-scale programs for both wireline and wireless Fortune 500 companies.
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Steve Keech

Steve Keech, CEO, co-founded TRM in 1994 to provide convergent network solutions to numerous customers in myriad markets.
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